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Full range of IT Services & Support

At IT Business Solutions we offer the full range of IT support including:

  • Remote & On-site IT Support
  • PC & Network set up and support
  • Managing Microsoft Office 365
  • PC backups & Recovery Solutions
  • IT Security – Set up & Support
  • Cloud migration and services
  • Facilitate IT leasing arrangements

Providing Continuity of Support

Being a smaller sized IT service provider, we offer an affordable IT support option for many businesses. We operate in a smart and streamlined manner, without any expensive overheads. This enables us to reflect our operational savings in our pricing structures.

What’s more, we know continuity of service is important. That’s why we partnered up with other associate IT providers, to ensure our standard of service is delivered. Where required, we engage our support partners, to provide the IT support you need. It’s all part of our commitment of providing a quality, professional service.

Small & medium sized businesses
Full IT services & support
Microsoft Office 365 & Apple
Small Business & Home Office

Our range of IT Services & Support

Remote & On-Site IT Support

At IT Business Solutions we offer both remote and on-site support. For many software related issues, we simply dial in remotely to view your PC, and resolve your issue/s quickly and effectively.

Our on-site service is provided for those tasks requiring a hands-on approach. This includes set up of new workstations, physical upgrades, and IT networking.

As a specialist IT service provider, we cover everything. From on-call Help Desk assistance, installing anti-virus and anti-spam software, and support training.

Information and IT Network Security

We can help you with all aspects of your data and network security. We understand the importance of providing up-to-date solutions, as cyber-security remains a critical for all businesses.

Our IT security service can include:

  • Firewall Implementation
  • Vulnerability Scans
  • Penetration Testing of your IT infrastructure.

We have partnered with a leading Wellington-based Cyber Security company to provide leading-edge solutions.

Data Backup & Recovery Solutions

It is essential that you have a reliable data backup solution to safeguard your information, plus a tested and proven plan, to recover from a system failure.

From our experience, we know the best way to minimise any unwanted disruption is to put in place a well-designed and tested data backup & recovery plan.

To assist with your disaster recovery, we can install on-site and off-site (Cloud) backup solutions that are regularly tested.

Computer Networking

For some businesses, the need to share resources across computers can often grow, both in requirements and approach.

We can set up a new network, or expand an existing network, using WiFi and/or point-to-point bridging. This includes connecting devices such as routers, printers, notebooks, and desktops.

We can build and support:

  • WiFi networks
  • Cabled networks
  • LAN’s, WAN’s and VPN’s

IT Project Management

Often IT projects can stall or fail because they are planned and implemented in an ad-hoc manner. In some circumstance, the person managing the project may have limited resources regarding available time, skills and/or knowledge. And that’s just where we can help.

Our IT Project Management Service Includes:

  • Analysing your new IT project requirements.
  • Developing system and software specifications.
  • Developing a project implementation plan.
  • Liaising with vendors, suppliers, etc.
  • Purchasing and on-site setup of hardware and software systems.
  • Managing the project timeline and costs.

Hardware & Software Procurement

Evaluating and procuring hardware and software can often be a time-consuming and confusing process. With us, we will take the time to understand your specific business requirements. We have the knowledge, skills, and in-depth understanding of the various options and their respective performance levels.

Plus, with our established vendor relationships, we can pass on discounts that you may not otherwise receive.

Our IT Procurement Service includes:

  • We can specify your IT needs, to determine the best solution for your business; keeping in mind your current and future needs.
  • Advise, purchase, and set up your software licensing agreements.
  • Where required, undertake an IT needs analysis/Network Audit.
  • Full desktop/PC & Server procurement and set-up.
  • Responsibly dispose of your retired hardware.

Our Pricing | Choose between the two options

Option 1: On Demand Support

You pay-as-you-go for support only when you need it, charged on a per hourly basis. This is ideal for small organisations that may require occasional IT support for emergencies or ad-hoc requests. You can also use this service if you have an existing IT team but just need an extra hand during busy times.

Option 2: IT Managed Service

You get our IT Support for an affordable fixed monthly fee, with no need to worry about hidden costs. This is more suited for medium to larger sized organisations who may require regular IT support.

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