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At IT Business Solutions we provide a wide range of services and support for Cloud-based IT services. For many businesses, this includes Microsoft Office 365, the ‘go to’ IT platform for many, and used on a range of PCs and Microsoft Surface laptops.

Our IT Cloud Based Services include:

  • Full range of services and support for Microsoft Office 365.
  • Tailored pricing and support for small and medium-sized businesses, including Not for Profits.
  • Full assistance and support to move your business on to Microsoft Office 365 in the Cloud.
  • Training and guidance about the Cloud-based platform, as and when required.
  • Ongoing IT support, often able to be provided remotely; all part of our approach of providing a responsive, and cost-effective IT service.
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We are a registered Microsoft Partner

Key benefits of using Microsoft Office 365 | Cloud Based Service

  • Easy to Use and Navigate

    For many businesses Microsoft software has been the ‘go to’ tool for IT. Cloud-based Microsoft Office 365 is very similar to the previous desktop versions. You will find it simple and easy to upgrade to, with many of the same features and layouts.

  • Removes the Previous Software Upgrade Hassles

    Previously, when Microsoft rolled out the next version, it was a bit of an event to update the operating system and the desktop apps. With the new cloud-based version, using the subscription approach, these upgrades are done automatically. Requiring no time or resource at your end, plus no hassle for you.

  • Access to All the Standard Microsoft Apps

    With Microsoft Office 365 you get full access to all the standard Microsoft apps that you are used to. This includes Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Outlook (email, calendar, contacts, notes). Plus a few more additional features including Microsoft Teams (which is great when needing to work directly and closely with your staff).

  • Files Stored on a Secure Server

    With all your documents and files being stored on the Microsoft server, their platform offers enhanced protection from phishing attacks, ransomware, and other security events.  We can talk to you about backups etc regarding additional protection.

  • Making It Easy for Budgeting

    With the Microsoft Office 365 subscription-based service, you have a fixed monthly fee to cover all your desktops and PCs for your business. This makes it easier to budget, knowing these fixed costs in advance.

  • Cloud-Based Files

    Moving to Microsoft Office 365, all your document files, emails and calendar items are stored on the Microsoft Exchange Server in the cloud. This means, regardless of where you are located, working from home or office, you can access your files quickly and easily, using your local Internet connection.

  • Flexible Licensing Arrangements

    With Microsoft Office 365 you simply purchase and use the required number of Subscriptions based on the number of staff and devices used by your business. You simply pay for what you need and use.

  • Future Proofing for Business Growth

    By moving to cloud-based IT services, it provides you with a flexible and easy way to provide your IT infrastructure. For both your current business requirements and future requirements.

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“I have always been able to count on Derek to attend to any IT issue at short notice and to provide IT advice whenever needed. It is reassuring to know that we can contact Derek directly without the hassles of dealing with a Service Support Call Centre setup.”

“Derek is always at the top of efficiency, fast to reach out and ready to solve various IT problems we encounter. We managed to overcome many issues remotely, which is super handy in a working-from-home environment.”

“Derek helped find a perfect solution for our business’ IT needs. We really appreciated meeting him in person to understand our requirements and explain how each element would work within the overall setup. We’ve now got peace-of-mind about the safety and security of our files.”